6 Reasons to Create A More Beautiful Pantry

Were you one of those college students who just had to tidy your closet before you wrote that term paper?

So wait, now I not only want to reorganize my pantry and kitchen, but every other closet and drawer in the house. I’m not sure I will get around to that, but I definitely have a pile of boxes ready to be picked up - a wonderful gift for our local thrift shop. Tidying up has become a thing . . . a hit book, and a TV series!

Why does tidying feel so dang good?

  1. I hate to waste time looking for things. This goes for cooking as well as getting dressed or trying to tighten the screw on my reading glasses. Efficient, aggravation-free cooking is more possible with a tidy, well-organized pantry. Where’s the arrowroot? Boom. I need some tigernuts, peeled. There.

  2. Clutter disperses your energy

  3. Qi flow, circulation

  4. Calm from knowing everything has a place

  5. Beauty

I am winding my way through the kitchen, one drawer, one cupboard, one pull-put pantry at at time. Yeah, I found a huge partially used, expired jar of Nutella. Thank you Costco. Tossed it.